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The Breathing Room

For as long as I have been a massage therapist, and everywhere I have worked, my clients have said they wished we had some sort of “recovery room” for them to softly transition back into the pace of their lives after a massage. It is true— receiving a massage puts us into a somewhat blissful state, and stepping back into reality can be a little like having a bucket of ice water dumped onto us; then, the benefits of the can seem to be lost. Or maybe for some, their hectic schedule has them so tightly wound before they get to their that they have a hard time unwinding and miss some of the of the work. We hope that our new room here at Nature’s Elements Massage will offer you the neutral space you need to slow down and take a breath or two.

We invite you to come early for your session, or stay after and spend a few minutes in the Breathing Room. You will find a softly lit, comfortable space and be welcomed by soothing sounds of nature—ocean waves, a gentle thunderstorm, the sound of a crackling fire. We offer you the options of warm neck pillows and cool eye pillows and soft blankets. Enjoy a cool glass of water or a hot cup of tea and a small snack. This is also a perfect room for someone to wait if they accompany you to your session, or to just take a break in the middle of a hectic day if you find yourself in close proximity to us.

While we hope you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, we do allow you to use your phone or tablet, but we ask you please keep them on silent out of respect for massage sessions and others who may be in the room with you. If you need to make or receive calls, please do so outside the studio. Stay as long as you need or like, then step back into your life with a renewed spirit. 

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