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Suggestions for Fall

Wow! Summer has flown by, hasn't it? I can hardly believe we are about to enter Fall, my favorite time of year! I love the cooler temps, the leaves changing colors, and the briskness in the air. Oh, and all the holidays that are on the way!

Anytime the season changes, our bodies let us know. Whether is drier skin, achy joints or muscles, feeling colder, massage can help facilitate that transition. If it's drier skin, schedule a salt glow to help your body exfoliate dead skin cells from all that sun you enjoyed.

A new face

Hello again! It's time for another little blog to keep you all in "the know" about the goings on at Nature's Elements Massage.

First of all, those of you who have been in to see us in the past month or so may have seen a new face. I am very happy to have my best friend and awesome massage therapist, Margaret Specht, working here. Margaret has been a full-time licensed massage therapist for 14+ years. She has worked in several different arenas, from chiropractic offices to spas/clinics to being a therapist for the Arkansas Travelers Baseball team.

Changes for the new year.

Hi again! Yes, the title of this post says it all...Changes are coming to Nature's Elements, but hopefully they are all good ones. 

First of all, after several months of working with Booker for online scheduling, gift certificates, and payment processing, I have found that their package is a bit too much for us. They are really geared for large spas with multiple employees and services. So, I have searched and found what I hope will be a very good match for us. It is called and it is very simple, but comprehensive.

Changes and Growing Pains

Hi Everyone! I know it's been way too long since I've posted and I do apologize. Things have been crazy for us at Nature's Elements and for me personally as well. It's all good, just those inevitable changes as we go along.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who scheduled or stopped in during National Massage Therapy Awareness Week in October. It was my first "event" ever and, although I wish it had been a little more active, we all had fun, yummy treats, great massage, and some of you won a little prize.

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Celebration!

OCTOBER 20-26, 2013
We are really excited here at Nature's Elements Studio of Massage Therapy! The week of October 20-26 is AMTA National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, and we are celebrating all week long! We want to share with you all the benefits of massage therapy. We will be offering special services, information about massage in its various modalities, special refreshments, and we will be drawing for several door prizes throughout the week. We will also be selling gift certificates, because we feel sure that you will want to share the gift of massage with the special people in your life.

Thoughts as we turn 3 months old

Nature's Elements Studio of Massage Therapy turns 3 months old September 1. As I look back on those 3 months, I can't believe all that has taken place. Some days it feels like just yesterday I was working for someone else. Other days, I feel like I have been here much longer. Maybe I have- at least in my spirit. 

Thinking back to the days before Nature's Elements began to take root in me, I can remember being SO tired. All the time. That's not to say that I didn't love seeing each and every client I saw every day.

Website updates

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know I have made some changes to the website today. I added an online store page, so you can easily find where to purchase online gift certificates or pre pay your massage sessions. I will be adding other things in the future. I also added a guest book, so please sign in if you visit! I'd love to get your feedback. Finally, I added a page of links to other sites that I frequent or of organizations that I belong to. I hope you like the new pages and changes. Keep the suggestions coming!

online gift certificates are here!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let y'all know that I have added online gift certificate sales to the website. So, now, you can purchase gift cards from the comfort of your home, or where ever! You can pay with any credit card or pay pal account. I hope this will make your gift giving even easier and more fun! You can have them sent via email, or request a physical card be mailed by me. Let me know how you like it and what you think. I am considering adding a paypal cart to the menu so you can pre pay services as well. ( a suggestion from a client). Also, I've updated the menu page, to add description of services and several new offerings. Keep giving me feedback! I love it!

Increase your Chi!

Hi! I know it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted on the blog. i have been trying to decidewhatto write about- and I have already told you about me and making decisions! I finally decided I would talk a little about my Chi machine. Many of you probably don't know what a chi machine is. Well, here is a photo:

I have had it for several years, and decided to bring it up to the studio for our use. Basically, this machine is supposed to help move/increase your "chi", which is your life energy.

New product line!

Hi, everyone! I have decided on a line of products for my facials and other spa services. I knew I wanted the products to be natural, botanical, and in line with what I am trying to promote. A long time friend and client approached me with Arbonne. I am familiar with the products and have used them before in treatments. I listened to her presentation, asked questions, and studied the material. I decided that Arbonne is a good fit for Nature's Elements. I will be featuring their skin care lines in the facials.
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