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moving in

Week 2 underway!

Well,we are into week 2 of Nature's Elements. I am happy to say that things are going very well. Everyone is so supportive and helpful and I am feeling very blessed by all of you! 

My current endeavor is deciding on and purchasing furniture for the reception area. One of my weaknesses is making decisions, and this is no exception. But I think I have finally decided on some pieces, at least to start out. I listened to all of you who responded to my facebook post about this and have decided to go with an indoor/outdoor look using wicker. As soon as I have the pieces in and in place, I will post photos. Thank you all for your help! I always want to make this about you!

the move begins

Well, today is the day. I'll be moving into the new space this morning. At least, I'll be beginning to move. I can't wait to see the space take shape! Things are really coming together. I will post pics soon!
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