Have a Healthy, Happy New Year!
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Have a Healthy, Happy New Year!
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Have a Healthy, Happy New Year!


Yes, it is a new year! This is the time of year that everyone looks back on the previous year and takes a look at what was good, what maybe wasn’t so good, and what changes can be made to make the next year even better. Many of us recommit to a diet or healthier eating, exercise, quitting a bad habit, or maybe handling finances better. 

I don’t really make “New Year’s resolutions”, but I am always looking at ways to make my life and circumstances better. I have learned not to take on too much at once. We tend to do that and go all-in on everything, and, at least for me, that ensures failure. So, I decided to deal with one thing at a time. In 2018, it was about healthier diet. I made some very basic changes and I have never felt better in my adult life. So, that really paid off for me. So, now that I have made that lifestyle change successfully, it’s time for me to pay attention to another area. 

In 2019, I am planning to focus on taking care of my physical health with regard to fitness. I am nearly 20 years into a very active massage career, and my body is my tool. I want to continue to work full time for at least another 15-20 years, and want to stay active after that, so along with the way of eating I adopted last year, I am planning to add more healthy activity to my life. I do have an active massage practice, so at least I am not sedentary during the day. That’s a good start. But, as many people who are in a “caregiving” occupation, I tend to neglect myself. I spend my energy all day on others, and not so much on me. This year, I intend to change that a little. My goal is to take a little more time off (5 or 6 hours of massage 6 days a week is a little too much these days). I also plan to start strength training ( I know I use many of my muscles in my job, but I need to work on all of it, especially core) and get reacquainted with my yoga mat. Finally, I am going to practice what I preach, and receive more massage. I used to be much better at this, especially when I was teaching and had access to my students regularly. These days, especially since I don’t work in a group practice any longer, I have trouble finding the time to receive. 

Massage is one of the BEST ways to take care of yourself. Many people look at is as some sort of luxury or pampering, but regular therapeutic massage is a great way to help support everything else you do to stay healthy. For all the short-term stress and pain relief you get from massage today, there are lasting rewards you'll thank yourself for down the road. Massage therapy as a preventive measure and part of an ongoing care regimen can mean fewer visits to the doctor, as well as fewer co-pays, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications. Ultimately, it means a healthier and happier you.

People think they can’t afford regular massage. Well, let’s take a minute to break that down. An hour massage is $75. Let’s say you schedule once a month. There are 4 weeks in each month, more or less. So, that’s $18.75 per week. With seven days each week, that boils down to $2.68 a day. That’s it. Way less than a trip to Starbucks. I don’t smoke, but I imagine it is also a lot less money than smoking for a day. So, if you put just $2.68 in an envelope each day, or the equivalent of that per pay period, at the end of a month, you’d have money for a massage. And the benefits of a massage will far outlast any satisfaction from a cup of coffee, a cigarette, or an afternoon candy bar or coke—and it is a healthy thing you can do for YOU. And if you want to save even more, we offer a series of 5 massages for $325 ($10 off each one, or $65), which would cost $2.32/day. Don’t you think your overall health and well-being is worth less than $3.00 a day? I do. 

So, as you begin 2019, consider adding massage to your budget and see what benefits that brings throughout the year. I think you will be very happy by year-end. 

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