Come in and cool down with some cold stones
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Come in and cool down with some cold stones

If you follow @NaturesElementsLR or my personal Facebook page, by now you have seen some my posts promoting COLD STONE MASSAGE. Now, everyone has experienced or heard of warm or hot stone massage--a great addition to any massage session to help with relaxation, blood flow, and accessing deeper tissues of the body (barring any contraindications to heat therapy, of course). Warm feels comforting to us. It soothes us and grounds us. But COLD?? Who wants to be cold, right? Well, let me take a few minutes to let you know about the benefits of cold therapy to your massage.

The cold stones that are used in massage are sculpted, hand-sanded marble. Marble is used because it is more porous and draws heat from the body more easily. It also stays cooler, even at room temperature. The stones are kept in the fridge and used in session with ice to keep them cool, but, no worries, they can be kept at a temp that is comfortable for YOU. 

The use of cold, or cryotherapy, alone on the body is a powerful decongestant, pushing blood, fluid and wastes out of overworked, chronically tense, or inflamed tissues. The chilled stones have a de-congesting, soothing effect on specific areas, refreshing and stimulating the mind, and can be used to cool the body on a warm day or during hot flushes. It is a very reviving, energizing massage that may help improve circulation and also reduce high blood pressure.

Cold stone massage provides stress relief and helps the body to relax. It also helps the mind let go of anxiety and trauma. A cold stone massage is helpful for sporting injuries, swelling and inflammation. The cool stones coupled with the soothing impact of human touch will help to calm the body. Stone massage is an ancient art that is now in vogue again.

Some of the benefits of using cold stones include:
*a deep state of relaxation
*a release of tension
*a decrease in soreness when working with deeper tissues
*Injuries such as tendinitis may benefit from treatment with cold stone massage
*soothes inflammation of muscles and joints by radiating through the pained area and reducing swelling
*Anxiety relief: Smooth chilled marble stones are often used for this therapy, and when placed on the body, the marble stones help the mind focus on the body and what it is experiencing rather than the mental/stress issues of life.
*Headache and migraine pain relief: Adding cold stone therapy to the base of the skull much like when you use a ice pack will reduce the swelling and vasodilation that can cause or is a symptom of migraines
*Calms menstrual pains or digestion discomfort and bloating. Cold stones placed in the abdominal area will help draw swelling away from the uterus and thus may help lessen menstrual discomfort.
*soothes sinus problems-alleviates nasal swelling and reduces sinus congestion.
*helps decrease high blood pressure
*helps decrease fatigue 

Of course there are some contraindications to this therapy. Just like the warm stones, it is not for everyone! If you have any kind of circulatory disorder, like Raynaud's disease, or neuropathy, this is probably not a good idea. If you have a question as to whether it's ok, just ask your therapist. When in doubt, just forgo the cold. 

So, since we are in the "dog days of summer" and it has been SO HOT, why not give the cool stones a try? Right now, through August 31, you can try them at no extra charge when you come in for any massage! Just let me know you want to include them in your session so I can have them ready.  If you don't like them, there is no risk! You never know, it may be one of the best experiences of massage you've ever had. 

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