Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year!

Here we are, entering into a new year in a few days. It seems that 2015 passed by so quickly for me. It was a good year, and I always look forward to each new year with anticipation and excitement about what may manifest. 

For me, I think this new year will be one of completion and one of new beginnings. I guess they all are when you get down to it. We are always finishing up some things in our lives (school, jobs, illness, etc) and starting new things (school, jobs, exercise, relationships). I think as I get older, I just am more aware of this, and New Year's Day just highlights this for me. 

So, anyone have a new year's resolution this year? I remember being a kid and we would all think of things to be ours-- get along with our sibling better, make better grades, keep our room cleaner-- something to make us a "better person". We might start out good, but after several weeks, those resolutions  were long forgotten as we continued on in our lives. Same thing as a young adult. I almost always would resolve to lose weight. Why do resolutions always seem to cause us to look at our negatives?  

This year, I resolve to love myself more. Oh, of course, I love myself, or I wouldn't feed, clean, or take care of me. But I am so critical of myself. I always have been. I am almost never "good enough". Well, I have finally decided that is just wrong thinking. I AM good enough. I DO deserve happiness. I DO deserve to take better care of me--all of me, body. mind, and spirit. So, I am going to feed myself good, nutritious foods. I am going to give my body exercise that is appropriate for it (no crazy regimen or routines). I am going to get regular massages again. I am going to keep my mind active and expanding by reading and learning new things. I am going to nurture my spirit with good reading and meditative time. I am going to save a little of my energy for ME. (Those of you who are caregivers will understand how this can be a difficult thing to do for us.) 

How about you? What does self-care look like for you? If you don't have any self-care practices, maybe its time to develop some. One really good way to take care of yourself holistically is through regular massage (c'mon, you knew it was coming..). Massage is so good for you on so many levels I can't even mention all of them here. Physically, massage helps with circulation. It helps your body function more optimally. Massage soothes muscles; it can help speed up healing. Massage is a quiet time for you. It can give you a break from the hectic aspects of your life, bring you back to your center, and elevate your mood. These are only a few ways massage can benefit you.

I want to encourage you to consider incorporating regular massage into your life. The effects are cumulative, but can be profound. We offer a series package of 5 massages at a reduced rate. If you think you can't afford massage, let's break this down ( I was a math person in a former life, so I like numbers). If you purchased a series of 5 one hour massages at $300, each would cost $60. You can schedule them however you want, so if you had a massage:
once a week, it would break down to $8.57/day
every 2 weeks, it would break down to $4.29/day
every 3 weeks, it would break down to $2.86/day
every 4 weeks it would break down to $2.14/day
So, a monthly massage would basically cost you $2.14 each day. And a weekly massage would cost $8.57/day. Now, think about how much you spend on coffee or fast food or cigarettes (for those who smoke) or that afternoon energy drink or snack bar. Maybe massage Is affordable after all. Just "food for thought". It made me think too. What an awesome New Year's resolution! 

I hope all of you have a wonderful year in 2016! I look forward to seeing you here!

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