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Wow! It's our 5th birthday!
Natural healing
Happy Fall, Y'all!
Giving Thanks!


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Wow! It's our 5th birthday!

Five years ago today, I walked up the stairs of Suite 201 in Building D at 500 Pleasant Valley Drive in Little Rock, Arkansas to begin my first day as owner and sole massage therapist at Nature’s Elements Massage Studio. I was filled with excitement, with a dash of nervous energy. This was a long time coming. I had been a massage therapist since 2000—13 years of working under someone else’s roof and rules. But as of June 1, 2013, I was finally stepping out on my own! I had spent the last 13 years working hard, learning and perfecting my skills, observing how others ran their businesses, and building good, solid client relationships.

Natural healing

Hi, Everyone! I know I say this every time I post, but it has been quite a while this time. Every time I sit down to write, I either get interrupted, sidetracked, or just can't get my thoughts organized enough to write a post. But, here I am, taking another shot at it. 

I have been thinking about Spring lately.  Spring, by its nature, is about renewal. It comes after the "dead of winter" and brings new life. The new buds on trees and flowers, baby birds, etc. It is like the planet is waking up after a long nap.

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Hello! I have been meaning to write a new blog post for a while, but I have been so busy! Finally, I have had a few minutes to sit and gather thoughts and wanted to share what is going on here at Nature’s Elements with you.

First of all, I am SO excited that fall is here! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the colors and crispness of the air. And, yes, I am a pumpkin spice lover as well. With the changing of the seasons in nature, we have some changes around here too. After all, change is the one thing we can count on, right!


Hello! It has been quite a while since I have posted anything here on the blog. Thankfully, I have been pretty busy with clients, though, and that is a good thing! Let me just catch you up on a few things. 

First of all, Nature's Elements just turned 4 years old on June 1. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! I was looking back at some of my earliest photos of the studio, remembering starting off with my massage table in one of the rooms and a single wicker chair and table in the reception area.

Giving Thanks!

Hello, Everyone! Well, it looks like Fall is finally going to make an appearance, and I could not be happier! Yes, the time change is going to take a few days to adjust to, but this cooler weather is so awesome!

Now that Halloween is over, my thoughts turn to Thanksgiving. I see everyone posting on Facebook all they have to be thankful for, and it causes me to reflect as well. I am so very thankful for everything in my life right now. I have my health, which is not something to take for granted. Early this year my roommate Taylor had a stroke that came seemingly "out of the blue".

Fall is on the way!

There is just something about September... Glimpses of Fall begin to appear. Fall is my absolute favorite season! After the heat and humidity of an Arkansas Summer, Fall energizes me. I love the cooler mornings, the leaves changing color, and yes, everything pumpkin! 

Speaking of pumpkin, I have some new products in that I am excited to try. For the fall, I am offering a special themed body treatment: the Pumpkin Body Glow and Wrap. The Glow and Wrap is a combination service that blends a body glow (a salt or sugar scrub) with a full body masque.

Come in and cool down with some cold stones

If you follow @NaturesElementsLR or my personal Facebook page, by now you have seen some my posts promoting COLD STONE MASSAGE. Now, everyone has experienced or heard of warm or hot stone massage--a great addition to any massage session to help with relaxation, blood flow, and accessing deeper tissues of the body (barring any contraindications to heat therapy, of course). Warm feels comforting to us. It soothes us and grounds us. But COLD?? Who wants to be cold, right? Well, let me take a few minutes to let you know about the benefits of cold therapy to your massage.


Hi, Everyone! Well, it looks like Summer is here! Even though there are a couple more days as far as the calendar goes, it certainly is HOT already! I know some really love the heat, but I am not one of them! For me, a great activity on a hot summer afternoon is a nice, long massage in a cool, softly lit room with soft music playing. Maybe add a few cool stones and some aromatherapy and I am in HEAVEN! If that sounds good to you, it's time for you to schedule your next massage!

I titled this post "Changes" because, well, that is what life is really about, right?

Here's the latest...

Hello! I know it's been quite a while since I last posted the blog. Life has a way of putting up obstacles sometimes. Lately, I have had several to deal with. But, it's time to let you know what's been going on here at Nature's Elements Massage!

So, first of all, we are about to celebrate ourTHIRD BIRTHDAY! WOW!I cannot believe it's been 3 years since I opened the door to my first clients here in my own space. So much has transpired since that day. We have grown, adding therapists and clients, we have added services, and we have continued to learn and grow in the field.

Happy New Year!

Here we are, entering into a new year in a few days. It seems that 2015 passed by so quickly for me. It was a good year, and I always look forward to each new year with anticipation and excitement about what may manifest. 

For me, I think this new year will be one of completion and one of new beginnings. I guess they all are when you get down to it. We are always finishing up some things in our lives (school, jobs, illness, etc) and starting new things (school, jobs, exercise, relationships).
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