Nature's Elements Massage Therapy - Covid Information

COVID-19 UPDATE 5/13/2020
We are re-opening JUNE 1!
Finally, after several weeks of preparation, we are OPENING back up! JUNE 1 will be our first official day back at work and we could not be happier. We've spent this time cleaning, gathering protective supplies, and making adjustments to our space and routines in order to provide the safest environment we can to provide the highest quality massage for you.
June 1 is a special day for us and the perfect Re-Opening day because it was 7 years ago on June 1, 2013 that we opened these doors for the first time to clients. My, how time has flown!
Just a few reminders as we prepare to see you (soon I hope):
*we (therapists) are REQUIRED to wear masks. But we promise to smile behind it. You (clients) are not required, but it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Face down is not as crucial, but we really prefer you wear one while face up. 
*things will look a little more sparse, but that is to enable us to sanitize as thoroughly as possible between clients. 
*we will be scheduling FEWER sessions per day due to the extra time needed bwtween sessions to clean and prepare for the next. 
*we are going to ask you to please wait in your car and let us text you when it is clear for you to come up. The fewer people in the space at one time the safer it will be for all of us. 
*online scheduling is suspended temproarily. Why? (1) we are not taking new clients right now; (2) We need to be able to optimize the times to suit our new needs. 
*you will receive a "request to update" email the day before each appointment going forward. Please review and e-sign it. It now contains Covid related questions. We will also ask you the same questions when you get here and take your temp. If you do not receive the email, or forget to return it, we wll have paper copies here. 
*It is REALLY important that you contact us to CANCEL if you are having any kind of symptoms or have had any in the last 14 days--even if you are walking out the door to come. We will do the same for you. We all need to work together to take care of each other. 
*We know many of you have been waiting for us to open and need to get scheduled soon. We will do my best to get you scheduled. It will take a little time since appointment times will be more limited at first.
Bear with us as we move into this new world. We love all of you and can't wait to get you on the table. We will be contacting those who have called or texted for a spot. Feel free to get in touch with us as well. Here's is how you can reach us:
Tonya (501) 420-4908
Margaret (501) 993-3720
Facebook: @NaturesElementsLR
Here we go!

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