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Massage Services and Manual Lymph Drainage
All massage times are for the full time allotted. Massages are tailored to the individual needs of each client. Aromatherapy, heat or cold therapy, and any offered modality(except ) are included in the price. We use only high quality, natural and professional products.
(Prices effective September 1, 2016)
30 min     $45             
45 min     $60             
60 min     $75              
75 min      $90             
90 min     $100           
120 min    $125             

Tonya uses a Richway Biomat with every session. This mat enhances your massage by sending Far infrared rays and Negative ions into your body for a deeper relaxation and aids in providing relief for stiff achy muscles and joints. It also aids in boosting immunity and detoxing the body. We also offer extra " time" or even " only sessions. Just let us know when you schedule if you would like a little extra time on the mat scheduled your session. More info here. 

Massage/Spa Enhancement Services
These services may be added to any massage service for additional fee.

Healing Stone Massage: Blends the natural healing properties of warmed and /or cold stones with traditional massage for a deeper relaxation and therapeutic effect.  
Add $20
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage: Enhance your massage with hand-carved salt stones born from the Primal Sea where scientists believe all life originated. Your therapist will use the smooth, warm stones to administrue your massage, nourishing and remineralizing your skin and leaving you feeling even more balanced and relaxed. 
Add $20
Warm Bamboo Massage: Adds the benefit of warm bamboo used to roll and knead away aches and pains. A great way to experience deep tissue release without soreness. 
 Add $15
Migraine Miracle: Soothe a headache or sinus congestion by adding this cold stone head massage and warm foot towel treatment. includes aromatherapy. 
Add $20 
Energizing Eye Patches: Refresh and soothe tired looking eyes to reveal smoother, healthier looking skin.
Add $20
Raindrop Therapy:A relaxing and detoxifying treatment using therapeutic grade essential oils along the spine,  incorporating specific back massage strokes to work oils in.
Add $25
Aroma Facial Massage: A soothing aromatherapy based face, scalp and shoulder massage that is sure to soothe tension and ease headaches.
Add $10
Moisturizing Foot Mask: Slip on these single-use booties and relax for a bit. Then receive a soothing foot massage to work in the moisture. 
Add $10
Moisturizing Hand Mask: Slip into these moisturizing mits and let them do their work. Then, receive a relaxing hand massage to work in the mositure. 
Add $10

Spa Services
For the Feet:
*Foot Soak: Take a few minutes for yourself and soak away your stress. 15 min: $20
*Foot Soak/Massage: 30 min: $45
*Foot Soak/Scrub: 30 min: $45
*Deluxe Foot Treat: Includes soak, scrub, massage. 60 min: $65
*Foot Revitalizer: 15 min: $20

For the Face:
*Facial Service: 45 min: $65
*Aroma Face Massage: 30 min: $55
Migraine Miracle: 30 min: $50
Energizing Eye Patches: 20 min: $30(no massage included)

For the Body:
Body Glow : A full body exfoliation featuring Mountain Body products. We apply a salt or sugar scrub infused with herbal extracts and essential oils, remove with aroma towels. Includes massage.
60 min: $85
Body Wrap: A detoxifying/toning treatment utilizing elements of nature(seaweed, mud, coffee) to enhance body's own abilities to balance itself. Includes body mask, relaxation time, and aromatherapy. Includes massage.         
75 min: $105

Packages: We have combined some of our custom spa services for you to enhance your spa experience and relaxation. If you would like to create a different package, speak with us. We can help you put it together. 
(All of the following include a full body massage as part of the package)
Face & Glow
90 min:   $140
120 min:  $165
Face & Wrap
90 min:   $145
120 min:  $170
Glow & Wrap
120 min:   $170
Face, Glow & Wrap
150 min:   $225

Massage Series
Receive regular massage and save! Purchase a series of 5 massages of the same duration.
30 min: $200
60 min: $325
90 min: $450

Gift Certificates are available for any dollar amount or service offered.

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